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Atmospheric Science Facilities

Meterorological Tower

Good access to excellent facilities is available to researchers at UNBC. A $CDN 1.4M High Performance Computing Center, established in 2000 by grants from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the BC Knowledge Development Fund, Silicon Graphics Inc., and UNBC donors, has a permanent staff member to provide user support (Dr. You Qin Wang) and includes a 28 processor SGI Origin 3400 with 14 GB memory. A second CFI/BCKDF award in 2004 is resulting in a $CDN 2.1M expansion of the existing facility to include a 64 processor SGI ALTIX server and a 128 processor cluster, as well as powerful workstations in the HPC lab, and software for modeling and data analysis. The UNBC GIS lab provides access to GIS software and consulting services. A statistical consultant is available on campus for researchers. A central equipment lab offers access to a suite of analytical equipment. UNBC also has two research forests and the Quesnel River Research Center for hydrometeorological research. Meteorological equipment includes the Campus Weather Station, a 30m meteorological tower located on campus, a meso-network of 7 Campbell Scientific based meteorological stations, a Scintec MFAS phased-array doppler sodar system, a Radian doppler sodar system, and many other sensors and meteorological instruments, including eddy covariance systems and bowen-ratio systems for flux measurements.

High Performance Computing Facility

The UNBC High Performance Computing Facility features new 'state of the art' SGI Altix 3700 BX2 - 64 processor compute server, a 128 processor Opteron cluster, and a Scientific Visualization and Data Analysis Laboratory consisting of ten DELL intel-based dual processor linux workstations with dual displays and a high resolution large-screen 3D rear projection visualization system.

UNBC Central Equipment Lab

The Central Equipment Lab is a modern facility equipped with the latest in chemical analysis hardware.

Scintec Doppler Sodar

The Scintec sodar is an advanced, portable, flat, phased array sodar. Here is an image of it installed in the Eisack valley, northern Italy, and at Amphitrite Point on Vancouver Island.

Radian Doppler Sodar

The Radian sodar is is a triple cone doppler sodar.

30m Meteorological Tower

The 30m tower is located on campus. It is currently equipped with a RM Young Windmonitor , an Eppley pyranometer, and several other instruments.

Roof-top Weather Station

This weather station has been installed on the top of the Lab building at UNBC. You can check out the current conditions on campus by clicking here for a graph, or here for current observations.

Campus Weather Display

There is a real-time weather display of observations from campus and selected WxV animations of images, maps and forecasts in the display case on the second floor of the teaching lab building. The loops normally displayed are listed here.

Campbell Scientific CR10 and 21X Data Loggers

We have many data loggers and the associated hardware such as solar panels, batteries, enclosures, memory modules and telemetry units. These loggers can be set up almost anywhere, and they can be configured to control, process and store data from the instrument suite mentioned below.

Meteorological Instruments

We have a good collection of electronic meteorological sensors and the associated hardware. Our inventory includes: temperature sensors, precipitation gauges, pressure sensors, wind monitors, radiation sensors (short-wave, long-wave, and all-wave), portable towers and more.