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Lecture references

  • IPCC Working Group 1 Summary for Policy Makers. Report describes the current state of understanding of the climate system and provides estimates of its projected future evolution and their uncertainties.
  • IPCC Working Group 2 Summary for Policy Makers. Report assesses the sensitivity, adaptive capacity, and vulnerability of natural and human systems to climate change.
  • IPCC Working Group 3 Summary for Policy Makers. Report assesses the scientific, technical, environmental, social and economic aspects of the mitigation of climate change, and the potential consequences of climate change.
  • Clean Air Strategic Alliance (Alberta). Information on air zone management strategies in Alberta.

    Reference Material

  • Environment Canada Clean Air Homepage
  • Environment Canada AQ Services
  • BC MELP Air Resources Branch
  • Canada-wide Standards (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment)
  • New Canada-wide standards for PM and ozone
  • Gnuplot Manual
  • Gnuplot information and online manual (Dartmouth site)

    Links to other pages

  • Atmospheric Science at UNBC Homepage
  • UBC Atmospheric Science Homepage
  • Unisys Weather
  • CMC, Climate and Water Information
  • Local Usenet newsgroup for ENVS 412 (ask questions here first)
  • List of Jobs in Meteorology
  • US EPA Air Pollution ftp site
  • US EPA Support Center for Air Pollution Models WWW site
  • US EPA WWW home page
  • US National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) home page
  • American Geophysical Union (home page)

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