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ENSC 408 Mid-term check points:

Here are some words and concepts covered so far in the course:

scales of motion synoptic continuity equation conservation of heat
equation of motion 1st law of therm adiabatic virtual temperature
diabatic advection real forces apparent forces
Coriolis Lagrangian Eulerian partial derivative
pressure gradient hydrostatic law hypsometric equation potential temperature
heat capacity DALR entropy natural coordinates
geostrophic gradient wind cyclostrophic wind geotriptic wind
thermal wind tephigram hodograph instability
LCL CCL LFC convective temperature
vectors mid-latitude cyclone ideal gas law jet streams
jet streak (max) SALR wet bulb potential temperature Poisson's Eq.
stability Normand's Rule RADAR dBZ

The mid-term exam format and example questions:

The exam is out of 20 marks (worth 10% of your course grade) and is designed to fit in 50 minutes. It is closed book, but a sheet with some equations will be included in the exam. Bring calculator, pencil and ruler. You will answer on the exam sheets. There will be 3 multi-part questions:

  1. 5 ``define and explain in the context of this course'' (e.g., words from above list). (10 marks)
  2. A calculation question that you can choose from two options (e.g., look at previous examples, labs, and problems given in class) (5 marks)
  3. A question based on something done during lab sessions. (5 marks)

The mid-term exam will be held on Thursday, 18 February 2016 during the regular lecture time. Good luck!

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